Gods and stuff

The Creators
(these gods created everything besides space, space was a constant long before any gods.)

[Time] Chronos, time it’s self. He is the source of time and controlls it. Has rarely given his gift to others since time is not to be meddled with.
[Life] Goddess Mother, She gave life to all things, and has since given her gift of life to other gods who now do the work for her.
[Death] Death, The first enitity to take away life from someone. Takes on undertakers to take life as to many people die to often.
[Light] Ra, God of light, created over 80% of the stars, among many other things.
[Dark] Nyx, Goddess of Night, Ra made the unisverse to bright so she shrouded everything in darkness.

Primordial Gods
(Gods that helped create things, but not as powerful as creators.)

[Water] Aegir, Created water and most forms of liquid.
[Earth] Terra, Created earth and planets for Gods to live on.
[Air] Shu, Created air and gasses, created them for fun but found later that people use them to breathe.
[Heat] Fire, The god of temperature, he was inspired after watching his friends, so he used temperature to change their creations with either flames or ice.
[Chaos] Void, Goddess of emptiness, and Choas, She saw Fire’s idea of changing things, but instead destoryed them.
[Death] Grim, The second god of Death, he is directly under Death it’s self. Only death can claim his life.

(Gods given life from either The Creators or Primodials.)

[Anger] War, From the moment of his creation he wanted to hurt and fight others. The term War comes from him.
[Order] Forseti, After the creation of Chaos, Forseti was created to attempt and keep order in the order.
[Wisdom] Mimir, The Titan God in charge of recording all events. He never forgets anything.
[Int] Coeus, Said to be the smartest Titan god ever, smarter then most primordial Gods. Brother to Mimir.
[Earth] Rhoah, Son of Terra, second earth god to be created. He created many of the planets with help from other titans.
[Beast] Drago, God and creator of most beasts and animals. He created things from the first dragons down to the first turtle.
[Devil] Lucifier, Lord of Hell. Is the most powerful Devil, when someone evil dies they are sent to hell, and he rules over them forever. He was created by Death to keep the souls in order.
[Nature] Dratee, Mother Nature. She created many plant life. She attempts to put one world tree on every planet that has living creatures on it, although many civilizations destory theirs.

Common God
(These are the Gods most people will know of and worship, many of these are children of the Titans.)
[CG War] Lyter, Son of War. Gives his followers the power to fight in battle. Chaotic Good, so he fights to protect but isn’t opposed to sacrificing for the greater good.
[CE War] Peiko, Daughter of War. Has a small following, almost a cult. She whispers into the ears of warriors to kill their friends. She thinks that war should never stop.
[Dragon] Tiamat, Queen of Dragons. She created a large number of dragons although the first dragons were not her handy work.

(children of Common Gods or powerful creatures and people that are immortal. These entities are not quite considered a God but some do have the power of a God.)

Gods and stuff

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